New Mural!

I was so honored to part of PangeaSeed's Santa Cruz Sea Walls mural project this Sept 2021. I recently created my first real mural here in my home town of Santa Cruz on the corner of Soquel and Caledondia. 


My mural is titled Let's Solve the Dissolve, and is about ocean acidification and the fact that our oceans have become acidic enough to dissolve shells and kill coral. Our oceans have been absorbing nearly a third of all carbon emissions and 90% of excess atmospheric heat, in a sense saving us from the effects of catastrophic climate change so far, but there’s a limit to what they can do to help. Our excess CO2 + H2O = Carbonic Acid, so unless we want an ocean of acid we need to “Solve the Dissolve” together. 


PangeaSeed's Sea Walls Santa Cruz mural project did 20 fantastic ocean conservation themed murals all of the city of SC, and they brought in some serious talent to do it, we were truly gifted. For a mural map just google: Sea Walls Santa Cruz and it comes right up!