Interested in Ocean Conservation and Education?? Check out Umijoo on Patreon! Caia's latest project with Casson Trenor.

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  • Umijoo Book Project: A Tale for All Ages About Ocean Conservation

    Umijoo Book Project Drawing by Caia Koopman

    Given Caia’s love of nature, environmental awareness and desire to protect our dwindling biodiversity, it is no surprise that she has embarked on a new and somewhat unique project. What is this new project? Caia has teamed up with marine activist Casson Trenor to create the artwork for his children’s book about love, food and […]

  • Caia on Canvas! New Prints available from iCanvas

    Pride by Caia Koopman on an iCanvas print

    In the modern, “corporatized” world, it can be difficult to find products and producers we feel good about supporting by spending our hard-earn moolah on them. We can all relate to that, right? Who hasn’t wondered how many disaffected, over-worked, under-paid assembly-line workers have toiled away to produce the widget we’re about to purchase. Even […]

  • “White Lined Sphinx” showing at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco

    White Lined Sphinx by Caia Koopman

    Part of the Femme to Femme Fatale: The Feminine in Contemporary Art Caia’s latest piece is now showing at San Francisco’s Modern Eden Gallery. The 16″x20″, acrylic on wood panel painting is truly a stunner!! Caia summed up her inspiration for this painting so eloquently that we offer this quote: She represents a strong female […]