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  • Original Artwork Illuminated: Caia’s Painting at a Makers Fair

    In Living Mists of Light by Caia Koopman

    In an insanely cool and quite unusual turn of events, one of Caia’s recent works for the Umijoo Project, In Living Mists of Light, has fallen into the hands a talented and scientifically knowledgeable individual… and the outcome of this collaboration is quite unique. Also VERY cool!! So, what do you get when you cross […]

  • New Artwork: Sanguin Skein is Showing at Haven Gallery

    Sanguin Skein by Caia Koopman

    Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s masterful story The Nightingaleand the Rose, Heart’s Blood is an intriguing collection of original artwork by a vast and varied group of talented artists. Curated by the talented folks over at Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, the show features a wild variety of styles and mediums which each artist uses to explore and […]

  • Brighten Your Old Phone with New Gelaskins Covers

    Gelaskins Phone Covers with Art by Caia Koopman

    Ever the popular and functional accessory, Gelaskins protect your phone, tablet or laptop from the elements, so they will stay out of landfill and provide you with many more years of information and entertainment. They’ve been in the game a long time and know a thing or two about how to keep that expensive smart […]