White Lined Sphinx by Caia Koopman

“White Lined Sphinx” showing at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco


Part of the Femme to Femme Fatale: The Feminine in Contemporary Art Caia’s latest piece is now showing at San Francisco’s Modern Eden Gallery. The 16″x20″, acrylic on wood panel painting is truly a stunner!! Caia summed up her inspiration for this painting so eloquently that we offer this quote:

She represents a strong female presence as well as our human connection with nature. Two themes intertwined, we are all connected and the power of the femme. Her eyes are locked onto the viewer as if to challenge them to look closer, to understand her message. Her feminine beauty is not soft but rather dark and exotic, daring the viewer to enter her world with no guarantee of it being a safe or comfortable place. Moths are amazing animals yet incredibly delicate, too much oil from one’s fingertip can be a death sentence for them. We have reached a tipping point in history, humans must stop killing everything and start protecting everything that still exists, we are all connected and we are all in danger of a domino effect of extinction. My femme is a fierce sentinel for all the delicate life we must protect, as well as the messenger.

The sentinel and the messenger indeed!

If you’re in the San Francisco area between Sept 17 – Oct 4, drop by Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, make plans to see it in person! This painting in particular looks incredible in person! Inquiries for purchase can be directed to kim@moderneden.com.

For more details about the show check out the facebook page.

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