Umijoo Book Project Drawing by Caia Koopman

Umijoo Book Project: A Tale for All Ages About Ocean Conservation


Given Caia’s love of nature, environmental awareness and desire to protect our dwindling biodiversity, it is no surprise that she has embarked on a new and somewhat unique project. What is this new project? Caia has teamed up with marine activist Casson Trenor to create the artwork for his children’s book about love, food and the ocean.

Crafted to resonate with all ages, it is a wondrous tale about a young girl who, with the help of a little magic, gets to journey underwater to meet and dwell among the life within, allowing her to learn of the ever increasing pressures our world’s oceans continue to face… directly from the ocean’s inhabitants. Effectively, it’s aim is to educate, enlighten and inspire!

What is unique about this project is that Caia and Casson have schemed to create individual paintings to “illustrate” the book. The is a quiet a departure for children’s books and immense undertaking in hours of work needed to complete the task of “illustrating” this clever little story.

While they’ve managed to actually get the project going, Caia and Casson have started a Patreon initiative to help fund this endeavor. As with many crowd-funded projects, backers will get some perks like sneak-peaks at Caia’s paintings and small gifts of appreciation, like the Octopus pin; which is the most recent addition.

For as little as $1 per month, anyone can get involved in helping this project through to completion and inform small and big kids alike about ocean conservation! Check out the Umijoo Book Project’s Patreon page for more information.

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