The Epic Battle


The Epic Battle took place during the month of February 2012, this painting is acrylic on wood 24″x30″ and will be on display and available for purchase in June at Thinkspace in LA, during my two person show with Sarah Joncas. I can’t take all the credit for this one, it was the brainchild of my pixel ninja Sully, apparently great ideas are his specialty. ┬áThis painting was a fantastic opportunity for me to branch out and paint something new, I’ve always wanted to paint my own dragon, with all the scales and teeth and fur…..super fun. As for the unicorn, it came straight for the heart and my childhood, what little girl growing up in the 70’s didn’t love unicorns and rainbows? This is a classic tale of the underdog, and our underdog seems to have rainbow magic on his side.

The finished product



Dragon close up


Stars close up

Unicorn close up