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Most here know about Caia’s involvement with the Umijoo Project with Casson Trenor; an illustrated children’s book about ocean conservation. This unique project is currently funded via the project’s Patreon page.

Many have asked, however, about a one time donation to support the project, so we’ve set this up for you. Choose your donation level and receive 3 post cards representing artwork from the project, star fish pin and butterfly sticker as a nod of appreciation for your support to help educate the next generation about saving the world’s oceans!

And a few words from Caia and Casson

I’m illustrating a book for children of all ages (including the grown up ones) called Umijoo. Umijoo is a story about ocean conservation and our relationship to the sea. It’s going to be full of actual paintings, so it will cross over as an art book as well.

Umijoo, the main character, is a girl who wants to understand the connection between her food and the ocean. She journeys deep underwater to learn about the relationships between us and all of the different creatures that call the watery part of this planet home. It’s a beautiful story of a girl’s adventure under the big blue sea where she learns about love and makes a lot of fantastic new friends.

This project requires the creation of about thirty paintings. It’s an intense labor of love, and I’m looking for a little more support while I paint to help this book come to fruition. We’re about a year into art production and we expect to have an actual book sometime in 2018!! Your donation will go directly to support me while I am painting the book.

The best way to follow the project and my progress is through Instagram, @caiakooopman, or Facebook. I’m continuously posting all sorts of progress shots, time-lapse videos, and much more. We will be launching a Kickstarter in 2018! Please join us on our marine adventure!

Thanks so much for all of your faith and support! – Caia

Now, a word from the author:

Hi, I’m Casson Trenor, the author of Umijoo. I wrote this story because I love the ocean, and because I believe that the future of our planet depends on our children. If we can teach them strong conservation values and help them identify with the interconnectedness of life, we will create a new generation of conservationists and ocean guardians.

I have spent my entire professional career working on ocean conservation issues, and have come to believe that art is one of the most effective and poignant ways by which to reach an audience. Working with Caia on this project is an incredible blessing; her ability to bring Umijoo to life through her paintings will take the book to a level that I never could have dreamed of reaching on my own.

We sincerely appreciate for your assistance in supporting our work and the Umijoo project. Our oceans are under threat — please help us connect with the younger generation through the power of art and story.

Thank you so much!

– Casson

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