Caia touching up Where are all the F'ing Bees at Spoke Art Gallery, 2015

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The folks behind the awesome art blog over at WOW x WOW recently approached Caia to write a guest blog submission to which she eagerly agreed. For those of you who haven’t visited WOW x WOW and don’t know about the content over there, it is an exceptionally well curated site which

“provides a unique destination for art lovers wishing to be exposed to the visual wonders created by artists who boldly blur the boundaries between the disciplines of fine art, illustration, graphic design, street art, etc.”

The guest blogs are particularly unique and offer interesting insight directly from the artists’ minds about their inspirations, insights, views, etc. of their process, work and overall view points. Caia expressed a that she was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to pen some of her thoughts which would be included with those of a number of other very talented, contemporary artists.

Hop on over to WOW X WOW to read Caia’s musings and get a glimpse into her inspirations, thoughts and views. It’s an enjoyable read for any fan of Caia’s, lover of animals and the environment, as well as art appreciator at large.

And, while you’re there, make sure to look around WOW X WOW and enjoy all the great art work there!