In Living Mists of Light by Caia Koopman

Original Artwork Illuminated: Caia’s Painting at a Makers Fair


In an insanely cool and quite unusual turn of events, one of Caia’s recent works for the Umijoo Project, In Living Mists of Light, has fallen into the hands a talented and scientifically knowledgeable individual… and the outcome of this collaboration is quite unique. Also VERY cool!!

So, what do you get when you cross an ethereal painting of bio-luminescent, deep sea creatures from Caia’s exacting brush strokes with an accomplished scientist and robotics enthusiast?? How about an LED illuminated painting accenting the bio-luminescence of the creatures in the painting!! Very cool!The round base was also mounted into what looks like an old ship’s portal which only adds to the cool factor. We need more scientists getting their hands on Caia’s work!!

What is even better?? The painting will be displayed along with the process of how-to-do-it at the 2018 Livermore Innovation Fair in Livermore, Ca. This is a local fair modeled after the popular “maker’s fairs” where kids and adults can come learn about STEM-inspired topics with hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. Equal parts “art and science” to encourage us all to be a little more inquisitive and perhaps roll up our sleeves to get involved to create more art and more science!

Rumor has it there will be some cool freebies of Caia’s art, so if you’re in the area Sat., April 14th between 10am and 3pm, drop in to see a very unique collaboration, score a free sticker or two and learn a bunch about science in a fun way. Free to enter! See you there!
Livermore Innovation Fair 2018