Threadless Tshirt Designs by Caia Koopman

New T-shirts Designs by Caia from a New Partner: Threadless


Ever popular on the web shop, Caia has found a way to seriously increase her T-shirt offerings by partnering with Threadless. Having been in business since 2000 and focusing on helping artists of all stripes to get their artwork printed on various accessories, Threadless is a collective of people passionate about art and helping artist get their art on a myriad of quality products.

As always, vetted for quality work, ethical practices and just plain being cool people to work with, Caia has yet again found a great new partner to offer some of her work on high-quality T’s.

Pop over to Caia’s T-shirt shop at and take a look at the new T-shirt line!! This line is likely to grow and change over time, so make sure to check back.

Don’t forget, Caia still has a few T’s offered in her own web shop… take for instance one of the recent favorites, Bunnies!! And who doesn’t love bunnies???