Sphingidae by Caia Koopman

New Artwork: “Sphingidae” is Showing at CHG in Los Angeles


Even though things have been quiet lately, rest assured Caia has been busy in her studio as evident from her latest release: Sphingidae.

Hanging exclusively at CHG in Los Angeles, CA for the 10th Anniversary Exhibition, this 18″x24″, acrylic on wood panel original painting showcases the latest incarnation of Caia’s ever-evolving style.

Exploring alternate presentation of her introspective, benevolent heroine’s, this most recent work retains her distinct style, lush colors and environmental overtones we all love and relate to. In Caia’s own words:

This painting is a continuation of my reoccurring theme “we are all connected”. I’m going for a more portraiture look while delving into the fantastical world of nature.

Fantastical indeed!!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, drop by the Cory Helford Gallery beginning August 27th to Sphingidae in person.

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