Sanguin Skein by Caia Koopman

New Artwork: Sanguin Skein is Showing at Haven Gallery


Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s masterful story The Nightingaleand the Rose, Heart’s Blood is an intriguing collection of original artwork by a vast and varied group of talented artists. Curated by the talented folks over at Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, the show features a wild variety of styles and mediums which each artist uses to explore and convey their take on this classic, yet tragic, tale of romance.

For those not familiar, its an intriguing tale of a young boy’s desire to take a girl to the school dance. What follows is an interesting dissection of the Pandora’s Box of human emotions and societal doctrines.

Caia’s take is slightly different:

Supposedly a story about love, sacrifice, selflessness, pity, materialism and gratitude but I think it’s even more a story about obsession, pain, ignorance, selfishness, and the almost predictable unfairness of life.

It is with that backdrop that Caia’s piece, Sanguin Skein, was envisioned.

Widewalls has a fantastic write-up on the show by Elena Martinique. Its a great read and gives an interesting perspective on the story and the show. There are also some great images of some of the art on display.

If you’re in the Long Island, NY area, drop by Haven Gallery to see Caia’s latest work as well as creations from the many other talented artist participating in this incredible show.