Caia Koopman's Modify Watches Collection

Got the time? Check out Caia’s collection at Modify Watches


Life is busy these days, so, to keep your world running smoothly, it helps to know the time, eh? And, wouldn’t it be nice when you did glance at the time, you transported yourself, if briefly, to a surreal place of whimsical eccentricities and powerful femininity??

Well, if you answered yes and you are due for a new watch, check out Caia’s new watches from Modify Watches!

Made-to-order in San Francisco, CA, each watch is assembled and shipped within 5 days of clicking “buy”. These are really cool “modular” watches that allow you to change the face and band to fit your mood. Comfy silicone band for comfort and durability while the watch itself is stainless steel and polycarbonate construction. Quality construction and splash proof, one of these watches will last a long time too!

Put that smartphone back in your pocket and just glance down at your Caia Koopman Collection Modify Watch

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