Caia and Trust Me Vodka Collaborate on Limited Edition Artist Series

Caia Partners with Trust Me Vodka for Limited Edition Artist Series


In a pairing which seems as natural as ocean and beach or mountains and snow, Caia has partnered up with Trust Me Vodka to lend her striking art to Limited Edition bottles of their ultra-premium vodka.

As many know who have followed this blog over the years, Caia tends to work with entities who share her ethos around nature, support for the arts and general decency in their approach the world; not to mention producing high-quality products.

In this case, they align perfectly!! In a market segment overrun with corporate high-flyers and hyped labels of mere re-branded bulk product, Trust Me Vodka stands out among the banal.

A small, skilled group dedicated to creating an incredibly pure and highest quality product in tune with an eco-friendly approach and committed support of the arts!
Trust Me Ultra Premium Organic American Vodka Limited Edition Caia Koopman Series
Trust Me Vodkas exclusively source locally grown potatoes and wheat in a “farm to bottle” approach. Of course this lends itself to their ultra-premium products giving them a high degree of quality control due to their solid relationships with the farms and farmers who produce their base materials. Quite different from purchasing managers buying bulk grains from a clearing house.

Adamant in their pursuit of the finest materials, no GMO’s will ever find their way into Trust Me products. Further, they offer Certified Organic and Certified Gluten Free vodkas only as befitting their dedications to their high-end, hand-crafted products. Their “Blue Lifestyle” Seal of Approval is no accident.

So, where does Caia come in?? Trust Me supports the humanities! In partnering with artists to offer Limited Edition bottles, they share a national and unique platform to introduce a broad swath of the public interesting new art. In turn, they get very unique, and, in this case, pretty bottles which stand out on any shelf, be it store, restaurant, bar or just at home! All this and very reasonably priced as well!!

Add a unique bottle and quality vodka to your holiday party bar! Check out Trust Me Certified Organic Vodka and Trust Me Gluten-free Vodka at