Pride by Caia Koopman on an iCanvas print

Caia on Canvas! New Prints available from iCanvas


In the modern, “corporatized” world, it can be difficult to find products and producers we feel good about supporting by spending our hard-earn moolah on them. We can all relate to that, right? Who hasn’t wondered how many disaffected, over-worked, under-paid assembly-line workers have toiled away to produce the widget we’re about to purchase. Even worse, the automated factory belching out “product” for maximum share holder profit and minimum soul.

With that as the back drop, we imagine this is precisely what Caia is continually navigating as she seeks out suppliers who share her ethos to represent her artwork in the wonderful myriad of ways she offers them to us. The trouble is that it is difficult to find domestically manufactured, environmentally aware, socially responsible AND artistically inclined folks who create what you desire.

As such, it was with great joy which we received the latest communique from Caia that her tireless search for a canvas print supplier has culminated. YAY!! Canvas prints have been a very popular offering for those of us who would love to buy original artwork but don’t yet currently have the budget.

Well, to all those who’ve been asking, the wait is over! Caia will be releasing canvas prints again exclusively through iCanvas!

These folks are AWESOME!! A bunch of art junkies in the Chicago area who live and breath art, manufacture on-site; by hand where applicable, curate insanely talented artists and ship the world over.

Everyone rejoice!! Canvas prints are back!!!