New shades with my art

My newest collaboration with Oakley has resulted in two pairs of fabulous shades, Fringe and Immerse. Both with my art on the arms and nice big styles, Fringe has a super cute 80’s flare and Immerse is a perfect fitting wrap around. Oakley Collaboration In addition my Stockholm goggle is now available, it’s the best […]

HP & Rossignol Artist Series

I received an advance HP laptop to try out and after replacing the British plug with an American plug it booted up and looks great. The new Rossignol Skis are part of the Seven Artistic Sins project, this year was my turn to represent Anger.  I created a pyromaniacal disgruntled orc feuding with a hornet.  […]

Painting from my cave…

My solo show at the Spacejunk gallery in France is just around the corner, opening in May. I’ve been in the painting cave, working like crazy, at least it’s a well lit cave with good tunes. This week I’m attempting a 1958 Cadillac 62 series Shark Fin in a bed of roses. Next I’ll be […]

Final Assembly, Collaboration Project #1

Currently I’m working on a really exciting collaboration project with fellow artist and friend Mat Zabas who specializes in beautiful painting inspired tattoos and all things moto. We’re busy combining dichotomous worlds to create places where manmade and moto meet organic and fairytale. With Mat’s expertise drawing metal and chrome my girls can mingle with […]