Amalie by Caia Koopman

Amelie Original Painting for the “La couleur de l’étrangeté: Jeunet & Caro” Show


Known for their ecclectic shows, Spoke Art put together a very interesting and diverse show: The Color of Strangeness: Jeunet & Caro, an art show triute to two French film-makers, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. The two have collaborated and co-directed a number of great films, the most accailmed of which is Amelie. And what better subject to paint in a tribute to these two talented directors than the star of the film?

Currently hanging at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco with many other pieces from other talented artists in this truly unique show.

Oh, did we mention that opening night was well attended and a lot of fun!! All the art is still up, so stop by and take a look! If you can’t stop by, check the paintings at Spoke Art’s online shop.